Rent Villa in Chia



Last minute

Cheaper than this is not possible!

The price per person in the month of april and may is 7-11 euros for 1 day,

in one villa for 4-6 people in Chia. Possibility 1 escursion. You have not to pay in advance, you can pay here.


Villas in Chia

How are the villas
Every villa has
a garden with barbecue
a garage for the car,
a terrace or a balcony
a living room with kitchen, T.V. refrigerator, oven, fireplace and table with chairs and couch for one or two people, washing machine
bathroom with shower
a room with double bed
another room with two single beds

Where are the villas situated
They are in the beautiful gulf of Chia where there is one of the five most beautiful beaches of all the world, called «localita’ Tanca sa Iska». All the villas are in one private residence rich of flowers, only five minutes on foot (500 metres ) from the sea. The beaches of Chia have very high dunes made of sand like in a desert. One beach has rose sand colour, while another has a white sand colour . Near the sea there are also hills with typical mediterranean vegetation.

Your holidays at the seaside, your holidays in Sardinia, your best holidays in Italy.

How to get to Chia

When you arrive at the airport of Cagliari Elmas take the bus to the bus station of ARST (the last station) which is in the centre of Cagliari near the port.From the station you can get another bus to Santa Anna Arresi or to Teulada(you must get off at the bus stop Chia bar tabacchi Mongittu) At that bus station we will be there and pick you up with our car . On request we can also take you with our car from the airport ( you have to pay it extra). You can also rent a car at the airport or at the bus station of ARST

Facilities in Chia
All the villas have anything for cooking and there is a supermarket only one minute by car. Near the beach there is a kiosk., bus stop to Pula or Cagliari.

In Chia there are lots of typical Sardinian Restaurants and Agriturismo where with 25 euros you can eat like a god.
In Pula there are many Pizzerias and restaurant and we suggest you to go there.

Near the villas there is a beauty centre.

In the square of Chia and in Piazza del Popolo in Pula there are very often concerts of different kinds and also many discos like»Fuori Luna» and «Mirage» for the people who like living also during the night.

In evrey villa can live from four up to six people. There are also villas where even eight people can live. The villas are semidetached houses.


General conditions

In order to book a villa you need to make a down payment, 20% of the total price. You can make the payment on our account that we will communicate you at the moment of the booking. The villas, generally are booked very quickly and we consider the villas booked only after you make the down payment.

The payment of electricity( until 50 kwh) , water etc are included in price.

Sheets and towels are not included in price. So we suggest to take them with you or we can rent you for: eight euros for a towel and ten euros for sheets.

Cleanings. For the final cleanings you have the possibility to pay 50 euros or do it for yourself.


March, April, May, October, November 350 euros for a week for the villa

June, September 450 euros for a week for the villa

July for a week 750 euros for the villa

August 950 euros for a week for the villa

Other months low special price.

We also have large villas for 8 people, of course the price increases. Ask us any questions about the price.

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